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Ich brauche Zeit Kein Heroin kein Alkohol kein Nikotin Brauch keine Hilfe Kein Koffein Doch Dynamit und Terpentin Ich brauche Öl für Gasolin Explosiv wie Kerosin Mit viel Oktan und frei von Blei Einen Kraftstoff wie. Jul 31, · The video for BENZIN, the first single of the album ROSENROT, was directed by Uwe Flade ( Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand) and was shot in Berlin. Also ben· zin n.
Benzin Magazin, benzinmagazin. Or n a volatile mixture of the lighter aliphatic hydrocarbon constituents of petroleum. Audi says it can be produced entirely from renewable sources. Just weeks after producing its first batch of synthetic diesel fuel made from carbon dioxide and water, Audi has laid claim to another synthetic, clean- burning and petroleum- free fuel called " e. Lyrics and Translations: Rosenrot Benzin ( Petrol) [ 1] Lyrics © Rammstein. Benzine synonyms, benzine pronunciation, benzine translation, English dictionary definition of benzine. May 22, · Audi e- benzin is a gasoline substitute made without using any petroleum products. See ligroin, petroleum ether n. It is composed of six carbon atoms in a ring and has one hydrogen atom attached to each carbon atom.
However, I don' t think " Benzin" is as catchy a song as " Mein Teil" but it is still shoulders, head, and hat above other songs from other bands today. Com, Apple Appstore ve Google Play. , ben- zen' ) [ benz( oin) + - ene] C 6 H 6, a highly flammable volatile organic compound that is the simplest member of the aromatic series of hydrocarbons. Vállblokk benzin. Benzin Magazin, Türkiye' de aylık olarak yayınlanmakta olan ve ücretsiz olarak okunabilen interaktif otomobil dergisidir. For the unexperienced Rammstein fans, if you like hard and heavy music where you can still hear the vocals, then this is the CD for you. Benzin, benzine ( ben' zen? And even though Rammstein sings almost exclusively in. Benzin" ( German, in English: Gasoline or Petrol) is a song by German industrial metal band Rammstein, released as the first single from their album Rosenrot. In Germany, gasoline is called Benzin ( which is derived from the chemical mixture benzine).

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